Cloud Of Darkness Over Future Of US Still Led By Warmongers

“Cloud of darkness” was trending on Twitter when I got up this morning. It means one thing to gamers but this boomer couldn’t help but feel it probably was a reference to our collective future governed by the president-elect’s cabinet picks.

Putting female warmongers in prominent roles to please Democrats already trained to regard the warmongering Hillary Clinton as a desirable “leader” is absolutely unsurprising. What’s only mildly surprising are the weak, insincere protestations sponsored on corporate media outlets like CNN and MSNBC. 

Cutting the mic of commentators who question the wisdom of appointing, say, Rahm Emmanuel, is entirely in character for these manufacturers of consent.

Because if you’re trying to spin neoliberals as progressives, muting the pushback is essential.

To get back to my original point, trying to spin corporate hacks who peddle weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia while unwilling US taxpayers pick up the tab as feminists is laughable. Well, it would be laughable if it didn’t fool so many liberals. Identity politics has been a potent management tool for keeping the brunch eating masses stupefied while the soul and treasury of the US is hollowed out by austerity to pay for endless wars.

Real feminist leaders like Kathy Kelly have been speaking out during this transition on the urgency of ending the 19 year war on Afghanistan.

link to video on YouTube if embed does not work for you

Here’s she’s joined by moderator Ann Wright, another peace leader, as well as Matthew Hoh, Rory Fanning, Danny Sjursen, and Arash Azizzada to discuss the prospects of this happening before Biden gets into the White House.

Democrats in Congress and generals at the Pentagon are putting up resistance, of course. If the cash doesn’t flow to weapons manufacturers, how will the campaign contributions and/or cushy corporate posts flow?

When you’re in the weapons business — as the US government surely is — endless wars is your go-to marketing scheme.

But the current occupant of the White House has shown less business acumen than some expected. Instead, he has appeared to focus on his image. Challenges like managing a public health crisis resulted in fatal damage to his persona as leader, but the remaining weeks do offer some opportunities for legacy repair.

Ending the war in Afghanistan (which Obama promised to do but never did) could be just the ticket. 

Pardoning Julian Assange, jailed in the UK for the crime of actual journalism on Obama’s watch and since, would also be a winning move and, as an in-your-face to his rival and predecessor, likely to appeal to the outgoing chief executive.

Thankful For You All

Native people and their friends find it a cruel irony that colonizers celebrate gratitude on a day connected with their displacement from their homelands. I’ve heard them wondering how a group so determined to depopulate, deforest, and pollute could be said to be thankful in any meaningful sense of the word. How is it possible to be thankful for attempted genocide? 

I’m grateful that Native people are still here, and that I’ve had the opportunity to hear their teachings about how to live respectfully on this planet. May we all heed their wisdom before it’s too late.

If you read my blog from time to time, I’m thankful for you. You care about the war against the poor at home and abroad and likely take action to end those wars and bring justice to bear. Thank you.

If you were one of the 40,000+ people who voted for me to represent Maine in the US Senate, I’m thankful for you. You voted for a candidate independent of corporate influence, with Green values and a Green platform aimed at honoring and upholding life over profits. Thank you.

If you were one of the 1,400+ people in one of 47 states who donated to our campaign, I’m thankful for you. You expressed your confidence in our campaign’s goals with resources you had, whether it was $1 or several thousand. Thank you!

If you were one of the 200+ people who volunteered on our campaign, I’m thankful for you. Without your skills and your belief that we can make a difference in our world we would not have been able to do much of what we accomplished. Hundreds of thousands of people heard our message of the need for government on behalf of people, planet, and peace because of your efforts. Thank you!

If you were one of the 20+ paid staffers on the Lisa for Maine campaign, I’m grateful to you. You gave far more of your time and your compassionate wisdom than we were able to pay you for, and you often brought your friends and associates along, too. We would never have earned 5% of the vote in Maine without your diligence and focus. Thank you!

If you are a member of my family, I’m grateful for your support, encouragement, donations (especially the in-kind donations of your expert work) and love. I couldn’t have put in 14 months of concerted effort without the foundation of your love and confidence. When you said you were proud of me, that meant more than any accolade from the public. Thank you!

In this period of rest and reflection on my personal goals, my gratitude abounds. Thanks to everyone who went on working for a better world before, during, and after our grassroots campaign. Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages of appreciation for the role I played. You know for sure that I will keep on keeping on though the path is yet undetermined.

Finally, if you’re a health care worker putting your life on the line constantly to keep the rest of us safe, I’m grateful for you. I’ll do everything I can to stay out of your hospital so those who need medical care can receive it, and those who give medical care can stave off total exhaustion. I’m with Banksy, you all are superheros (even if you don’t wear capes like they do in England).