What To Read

I do this every few years: respond to inquiries about what news, opinion, or analysis sources I consider worthy of my time. Of course the list keeps changing as tighter control of dissident opinions is effected, especially via social media distribution denials and outright censorship.

It’s time for a new list for a few reasons.

  • I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org) beginning November 1. It’s my third attempt to produce a first draft short novel in a month; in 2021, nanowrimo got me started on a fictional tale about kids growing up in poverty, and two long excerpts from Heaven Spelled Backwards will be published soon by the Bollard. So, I won’t be posting as often to my blog in November and when I do it will probably be to re-post some popular and/or relevant past content.
  • Corporate media are doing an unprecedentedly bad job covering the massive outpouring of support for Palestine as Israel moves into phase two of its plan to either kill or relocate every person in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Alternative media sources I once trusted — e.g. Democracy Now!, The Intercept) have changed their tune, probably because of a desire to please their funding sources.

My list will privilege text sources over video only because I, personally, like to read and dislike watching videos to get information. But I’ll include some good video sources at the end of my list as I know many of my readers feel differently.

What to read

The Cradle


Consortium News

Pearls & Irritations

System Update (Glenn Greenwald’s streaming video show also publishes a transcript which I often read)

Reality Theories (Eva K. Bartlett)

Black Agenda Report

Workers World

Peace & Planet News


Belfast, Maine for Gaza October 29, 2023 — photo credit: Robin Farrin

Caitlin Johnstone

Organizing Notes (Bruce Gagnon)

Popular Resistance 

Electronic Intifada



Danny Haiphong’s substack

Kit Klarenberg’s substack

Al Jazeera


World Socialist Website


Geopolitical Economy Report (video format but comes with a transcript)

Racket News (Matt Taibbi)

Scott Ritter Extra

MintPress News

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (F.A.I.R.)

Ellsworth, Maine for Gaza  October 28, 2023

What to watch

Empire Files with Abby Martin

Sabby Sabs

Revolutionary Blackout Network

Middle Nation (Shahid Bolsen)

The Grayzone

Useful Idiots (actually a podcast)

This is not an exhaustive list. Did I skip one of your favorites? Consider adding it in the comments.

Gaming The Algorithms To Break Through With A #PentagonClimateCrime Dance

I don’t pretend to understand platforms like Tik Tok, but I sure enjoy seeing what creative young people do with them. 

A recent crazy dance video raises the alarm about the very same threats to life on the planet that I’m always on about: U.S. military occupation of land, air, and sea plus climate and other environmental devastation that go with it. 

See what a boring sentence that was? Instead, who wouldn’t rather watch a zany interpretive dance?

There were many comments on this Twitter thread, most of them dissing the dance and/or the dancer. I loved both, but at my age I have only a dim understanding of youth culture. So, I consulted an expert.

My three year old granddaughter, who loves dance and hates that bombs get dropped on people’s heads, responded: “It’s really long.”

Thus speaks the youngest generation, who we hope will inherit a liveable planet. 

I’ll be reporting on plans for a People’s Summit panel on the climate harms of militarized space programs during COP26 in Glasgow at this Peace Action Maine webinar on October 30. Register here.