Rogue’s Gallery Smiling While Lying You Into World War

See that smile? That’s the shit eating grin of a man who has become wealthy peddling weapons to the U.S. taxpayer. Does going from the board of Raytheon to heading up the Pentagon’s decisions to purchase Raytheon products seem like a conflict of interest? Lloyd Austin says it’s not. (Cue the soundtrack playing in my head since I saw this photo.)

In Austin’s extensive and lucrative catalog of lies we also find that the U.S. envisions a “free, open and secure Indo-Pacific.” He won’t say but we know the U.S. will accomplish this via ongoing coercion and bullying of the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand…there are more, but you get the idea. 

China’s so-called “aggression” toward Taiwan, one of its provinces that the fading U.S. empire has decided to use as the proxy to make war on its biggest economic competitor, is trumpeted by corporate press lackeys like AP constantly now. This collusion between the liars in office and the liars in media means the general public hears such false messages repeatedly and almost nothing to counter them. 

I don’t know how much David Rising of the AP gets paid to help pull the wool over your eyes, but he’s earning it by simply repeating nonsense like this from Lloyd Austin: the war in Ukraine “serves to underline how dangerous the world would be if big countries were able to ‘just invade their peaceful neighbors with impunity.'”

Would be? How about is? Big country U.S. has invaded 800+ spots around the globe with their military bases, and has further attacked and occupied scores of nations.

Here’s one way to look at it:

Here’s another:

Almost everything President Biden has said about Ukraine has turned out not to be true, but he wasn’t lying when he said that the Nord Stream 2 would never open. But he’s kind of dingy now and as such a much less convincing liar than the architects of World War 3 who he fronts for.

Here’s another major player, one whose lies are regularly reported by government stenographer Politico: 

 It was difficult to find a picture of Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, “smiling.”

For gender equity, here are a couple of the smiling liars helping make our warmongering machine look woke.

Victoria Nuland straddles many administrations, D and R, and was smiling when she handed out cookies to coup supporters in Ukraine in 2014 — but I like this picture of her better. Recently she’s been “helping” Pakistan during their lawfare soft coup of hugely popular PM Imran Khan, and “helping” Sudan.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre‘s entire job is managing lies with a straight, if not smiling, face. Lies like: America is helping Ukraine fight for its democracy. With Ukraine as the most corrupt and arguably least democratic nation in Europe, it takes a lot of poise and keeping one’s eye on the ball of future lucrative employment to offer up this gross canard without LOL.

But here’s the thing: nobody will be laughing once we’ve been lied into a nuclear WW3.

Who Dares To Resist Raytheon?

Back in 2019, former USM professor Ken Jones and I were arrested together protesting the christening[sic] of yet another General Dynamics war ship in Bath, Maine. Ken was one of those who chose to be jailed rather than pay a bail bondsman, and I was with his partner Melody Shank when Ken walked out of the private for-profit jail in Wiscasset where he and the others were held for a weekend.

Since returning home to North Carolina, Ken and Melody have been active in the resistance to a new war machine factory in their area. Here’s reporting gleaned from their accounts as well as the group’s Reject Raytheon website.

From Ken’s blog post in February 2021:

The site for the Pratt & Whitney (P&W, a division of Raytheon Technologies) plant being planned for Asheville is now being cleared of trees so that construction on the 1.2 million sq. ft. plant can begin soon. 

It looks like mountaintop removal, a not unfamiliar occurrence here in the Appalachian Mountains.  It breaks my heart to see it.

P&W builds engines for commercial and military jets, most notoriously for the state-of-the-art F-35 Lightning Fighter Jet. Raytheon is the 2nd largest arms manufacturer in the world, a major war profiteer.

…We did a die-in at Vance Monument in the center of Asheville.

We did a rally as part of the international day of action to celebrate the Entry into Force of the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – Raytheon has over a billion dollars of contracts in the nuclear weapons industry.

My own research turns up that Raytheon spent $4 million lobbying our elected officials in 2019, and made big contributions to both Republican and Democratic campaigns in 2020.

Source: Raytheon summary

The continued operation of government at the national, state, and local level by corporate-sponsored officials is degrading the environment, degrading the health and well-being of children who grow up in poverty, rapidly increasing the number of people experiencing homelessness, and depriving millons of health care in the middle of a pandemic. 

Our current Secretary of “Defense” Lloyd Austin served on the board of Raytheon Technologies after retiring from the military. The children in other countries being killed by U.S. airstrikes could not care less whether the current administration has a D or an R after its name, or how racially diverse it is.

Brave and dedicated activists like Ken, Melody, and their friends are not afraid to call out the elephant in our midst: gargantuan Pentagon budgets that enrich contractors like Raytheon at the taxpayers’ expense. 

As the corporate press continues to push the notion that U.S. foreign policy under Biden is significantly different than that of his predecessor, independent journalists will keep pushing back on that lie.

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