Holiday From History Over For Australia?

See if you can make sense of this empire-speak:

Urgency must replace complacency. The recent decades of tranquillity were not the norm in human affairs, but an aberration. 

Australia’s holiday from history is over.

Holiday from history. That is quite a concept. Who the f ever gets a holiday from history? In this instance, I believe the phrase is supposed to mean war is on the horizon and soon. Because history is only a series of wars, and wars are normal, and your complacency is slack.

Pax Australia as enjoyed under the soft authority of Pax Americana is about to come to an end if these authors get their way. 

Here’s context for the quote from Caitlin Johnstone: 

The report by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age — which former Prime Minister Paul Keating just called “the most egregious and provocative news presentation of any newspaper I have witnessed in over 50 years of active public life” —  actually comes close to actually admitting that there’s a concerted propaganda campaign designed to increase hysteria about China and manufacture consent for war. The “expert” panel asserts that there needs to be a “psychological shift” in the public toward this direction which they must be actively persuaded to accept.

“Most important of all is a psychological shift,” the report says. “Urgency must replace complacency. The recent decades of tranquillity were not the norm in human affairs, but an aberration. Australia’s holiday from history is over.”

Plenty of fearful reasons for Australian taxpayers to enrich those guys behind Uncle Sam in the cartoon above.

Some have suggested that Australia, not Taiwan, is slated to be the next Ukraine. Others have suggested it could be Japan. 

I haven’t seen any polls but I’m going out on a limb and say that the vast majority of people living in these places which are likely candidates to be selected for a proxy war on China do not want that to happen.

But it’s clear that the empire thinks it can act with impunity at this point in history. 

Impunity supported by the profound lack of curiosity about whodunit on Nord Stream evident throughout western media. Imperial control 0f that sector is working well with independent media covertly choked by lawfare, financial attacks, shadow banning, and cancellation. I’ve come to feel that getting authentic information is akin to getting nutritious food — it’s possible, but you have to work at it.

Who else is curious about NATO nuclear weapons and related systems being moved around? I know I am.

Imperial plotters fancy themselves eagles (dark eagles in the service of Dark Brandon, apparently) but the whole world knows they’re really more like pigeons.

(The rest of this insightful post may be found at GlobalSouth.Co.)

Sifting Through Reports On War In Ukraine And Nuclear Weapons

Maybe the reason I get called a “mouthpiece for Putin” a lot these days is that I’ve been writing commentary like this for years:

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of Russia Security Council: “The American state is just a shell for a conglomerate of huge corporations that rule the country and try to dominate the world. For transnational corporations, even US presidents are just extras who can be shut up, like Trump. All four assassinations of American leaders are connected to the corporate trail. It is no coincidence that a growing number of Americans are saying that Republicans and Democrats are just two actors in one play that has nothing to do with democracy. The American authorities, merged with big business, serve the interests of transnational corporations, including the military-industrial complex. The assertive foreign policy of the White House, the unbridled aggressiveness of NATO, the emergence of the military bloc AUKUS and others are also a consequence of corporate influence. The draft American budget for 2023 is the best evidence of Washington’s plans to unleash new wars to the detriment of the well-being of its own citizens.”

The unprecedented information control around what is developing into WW3 with the U.S. and its (sometimes reluctant) NATO partners threatening Russia, China, and Iran makes it hard for people in my country to know what’s going on.

Original collage by James Fangboner (left image), modified by me (see “Hating On ____ Is What Gives Life Meaning“)

Orange man bad equals Putin bad equals Zelensky good is the analysis they’re being fed by a media conglomerate that runs on the fuel of false dichotomy.

It used to be that I wasn’t allowed to dissent on the wisdom of dumping $100 billion into arming and propping up Ukraine because I was doing Putin’s work for him.

Then I was told I sounded like Tucker Carlson which liberals think is enough to silence anyone with a brain. (Never mind that Carlson has left-leaning intelligentsia like Aaron Mate and Glenn Greenwald on his show regularly.)

Currently the crime of people who oppose the war on Russia in Ukraine is that we sound like some of the most disparaged Republican members of Congress. Knowing that you might share the stated beliefs of someone like Marjorie Taylor Green is supposed to send you scurrying back to the safe haven of the Democrats.

The fact that both parties receive millions in donations from the very corporations who profit from the constant warmongering of the U.S. and NATO is not obscure, but mainstream propaganda never brings it up.

So forgive me if I say I don’t give a fuck who I sound like, this war is 1) morally wrong; 2) gobbling up resources better spent making sure children in the U.S. don’t sleep on the pavement and go hungry; and 3) uniquely dangerous as it staggers toward the use of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear forces are being moved into place in Europe and the Pacific region as you read this.

Photo : Twitter / @US_EUCOM

From the Instagram account of Russian media outfit Sputnik shared under the ominous headline:

US ‘Doomsday Plane’ Capable of Ordering World-Ending Nuclear Strikes Spotted in Europe

Is Sputnik biased? Of course. Is their information useful? It might very well be. They seem to share my concern that an all out nuclear war would destroy the cities where children in the U.S. sleep on the pavement.

Here’s another ominous piece of news I found this week at the website zerohedge:

Air Force Relieves Six Leaders At Nuclear Base Over “Loss Of Confidence”

Tyler Durden's Photo


TUESDAY, FEB 28, 2023 – 12:45 PM

Six leaders, including two commanders and four of their subordinates, at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, were abruptly relieved of their duties “due to a loss of confidence,” the US Air Force wrote in a press release Monday.  

Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara, commander of the 8th Air Force, relieved Col. Gregory Mayer of the 5th Mission Support Group and Maj. Jonathan Welch of the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron from their leadership positions at Minot AFB “due to a loss of confidence in their ability to complete their assigned duties.” 

“These personnel actions were necessary to maintain the very high standards we demand of those units entrusted with supporting our Nation’s nuclear mission,” said Gebara.

Also, four subordinate leaders assigned to Minot AFB were relieved of their duties. 

“Eighth Force continues to safeguard global combat power and conduct around-the-clock strategic deterrence operations in a safe, secure and effective manner.

“Our mission is foundational to our Nation’s defense, and we remain committed to the success of that no-fail mission,” Gebara said.

Minot AFB is home to the 5th Bomb Wing, which falls under the 8th Air Force. The wing flies nuclear-capable Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bombers. The air base also has a missile wing that operates intercontinental ballistic missiles. 

Gebara did not explain what caused the loss in confidence among Minot AFB commanders entrusted with the nation’s nuclear bombers and ICBMs. 

I found this item because it was shared on Twitter via the account of someone I follow on the basis of his bio (“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.” -Anatole French).

ahf (Tony) speculated: they didn’t want to shoot balloons? or nuke Russia?

Several times in history nuclear war has been averted because individual military men refused to follow orders.

And don’t think the Pentagon doesn’t know that, even if they don’t want you to know it.

Meanwhile, if you’re not a U.S. Air Force nuclear weapons commander — or even if you are — all out on March 18 to say NO to war!