Sabotage Of Both German-Russian Gas Pipelines — Whodunit?

Tweet from Lowkey sharing Polish member of the European Parliament Radek Sikorski's tweet "Thank you, USA" with a photo of gas bubbling to surface from damage to Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Quotes Biden's promise to 'bring an end to it"

I was traveling yesterday while following news of underwater explosions disabling both Nord Stream gas pipelines and a potential repeat of Hurricane Katrina level-flooding with Ian dumping a foot of rain on very low, very flat parts of Florida.

About the latter, the best comment seen so far is:

Tweet from Themperor Kennedy reading "I've never understood why we give hurricanes people names. We should name them after the top 500 carbon-emitting corporations or something."

Link to tweet

About the pipeline sabotage, let me just say I have the same sinking sensation I experienced on 9/11. As a student of history, this looks like a history-changing event no matter who did it. 

But whodunit? 

A digest for today’s reading or viewing.

Pepe Escobar

Germany and EU Have Been Handed Over a Declaration of War

George Galloway

The Galloway Show #24

Joe Lauria

The Timing Of The Pipeline Attack

The Saker

Sitrep on Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines

Tweet from NATO: "#NATO exercises present opportunities to test new unmanned systems at sea, ensuring that Allies can work together to counter  current and future security challenges." With a photo of a ship and rubber dinghy with NATO troops deploying something into the water.

Shared by IntelRepublic on Telegram with this comment:

COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT! Whoever’s manning NATO’s Twitter page seems to not bother keeping up with current events, turning heads after posting BOAST on alliance’s testing of new “unmanned systems at sea” on SAME DAY as alleged SABOTAGE of Nord Stream pipelines, prompting some onlookers to CONNECT THE DOTS and question whether the post is CURIOUS COINCIDENCE or unintentional revelation of supposed NATO interference. 

What’s for sure is NATO’s social media is LEAKY and in DIRE NEED of a plumber 💦

Meanwhile, in what had formerly been the biggest Ukraine war news of the day, all four Oblasts voted to join the Russian Federation. 

Eva Bartlett (Canadian journalist on the ground in Donetsk)

My interview from Donetsk on the people’s eagerness to vote to join Russia

Yet another history-changing event as now Ukraine shelling Donbas, as they have done continuously for the last several years, will be attacking Russian territory if the Russian Federation accepts them as anticipated.

What’s a concerned mom and grandmother to do? 

1) Find useful information outside corporate media sources.

2) Hold on, this wild ride will only get wilder as the U.S. empire managers lash out in desperation against the threat they perceive in the potential unification of Eurasia. Russia + Germany economic cooperation is currently broken, but the Russia + China bond may be impossible to rend asunder. In fact, it seems to be strengthened with each U.S./NATO action targeting either one of them.


I received feedback on this post for including a link to George Galloway’s take show episode #24.

I apologize for not listening beyond the initial segment on the Nord Stream attacks. Galloway went on to express transphobic remarks and also to explain his labor stance on the dangers of unregulated immigration.

Had I listened to those segments I would not have promoted his video.

Thanks for reading, and know that I always appreciate hearing from you.

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