No Rainbow Flag Is Large Enough To Cover The Shame Of Killing Innocent People

Secretary of “Defense” Lloyd Austin speaking to reporters this month.

Bombs killing children are so much more attractive when dropped by Democrats, don’t you think?

The Biden Administration started bombing Syria yesterday, and here’s what Twitter wanted me to know was going on:

The airstrikes follow weeks of big $$$$$ deals selling weapons to some of the other horrific regimes kept in place by brute force around the world. Gaza’s tormenter and Yemen’s tormenter both restocked their armories,  enriching the corporations that own and operate the U.S. government. 

Those corporations have already become very, very wealthy off the taxpayers buying armaments — while rival nations invest in health care and work to eradicate poverty. 

The U.S. instead invests in weapons systems like the F-35 jet bomber that cost more than $1.5 trillion before being declared a failure. (Maybe a failure for the Air Force, but certainly not for profiteer and big Biden campaign contributor Lockheed Martin.)

The revolving door between government and industry is fascism exemplified. The U.S. will continue dealing out deadly airstrikes that kill civilians in the Middle East while literally letting its own population freeze and starve to death during a public health crisis. And whether you put an R or a D after that list of crimes makes very little difference to the victims.