Israel Killing Children Again With U.S. Support

U.S. “aid” to Israel runs about $38 billion per year.

Israel is the top recipient of U.S. total “aid” receiving $146 billion as of 2020.

This is mostly in the form of credits to buy U.S. weapon systems where U.S. taxpayers pick up the tab. So, corporate welfare — which is business as usual for Congress and the White House.

So all this death and suffering is very much on U.S. hands.

The White House has the key role of issuing bland statements of tacit support for Israel’s war crimes, pretending to wish for peace. Because, as we all know, shipping lots of weapons to Yemen, Ukraine, etc. has resulted in much more peace for the people living there.

As long as these are the facts on the ground

anyone still calling for a two-state solution in Palestine is just blowing hot air. 

Land theft, water theft, destruction of homes, destruction of agricultural lands, and apartheid laws including segregated roads characterize Israel’s actions in the occupied territories.

The attempt to separate Palestinian refugees herded into the open air prison that is Gaza from the Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Jerusalem has not succeeded. The most recent attacks on worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem were understood as punishment for their support of people in Gaza — many of whom are their relatives.

President Joe Biden says he is a Zionist, as if adherance to a violently racist belief system were a source of pride. All of Maine’s congressional delegation vote and sound like Zionists, too. The blood of these innocent children is on their hands.

Lesser Of Two Evils Still Extremely Evil In Supporting The State Of Israel

Source: Al Jazeera “A Palestinian woman is manhandled by an Israeli policeman in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem [Mahmoud Illean/AP]”

I’m feeling super glad that we in the U.S. elected the lesser of two evils so that Israel would no longer have a blank check for ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.


If anything, the Biden Administration may be more beholden to the Zionist lobby than its predecessor who only had an ambitious son-in-law planning to ride the issue to an even higher post than he got using nepotism. 

After all, our current prez and VP were previously senators who asked “How high?” when AIPAC told them to jump. 

Caitlin Johnstone, an Aussie blogger who monitors media messaging closely, feels that the corporate media narrative of made up facts i.e. Israel wrongly portrayed as victim while it terrorizes Palestinian populations is coming unraveled. She attributes the shift to the prevalence of phone cameras and platforms for sharing raw, unfiltered video of horrors like this:

And this:

Zionists do not represent all Jews, despite their claims to the contrary. 

Jews and people of conscience everywhere are now speaking out against Israel’s violence harming hundreds worshipping at a mosque, bombing Gaza killing little children in their beds (again), and displacement of Palestinians who are residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

There are good people in Israel speaking out against the violence, too. There are brave young people in Israel refusing their cumpulsory military service and going to jail for it. They get about as much traction as do those of us loudly condemning military “aid” to Israel (really credit for buying weapon systems at U.S. taxpayers’ expense) or the violent occupations by our own military.

But Israel is losing the public relations battle, right now in real time. 

And this could be a game changer for their violent colonial project of ethnic cleansing in Palestine.