Around One-Third Of Male Mass Shooters Are U.S. Military Veterans

Warning: this post contains some sarcasm about racism and gun culture in the U.S. See if you can spot it.

I know you will all be terribly shocked to learn that the person pictured above, Jason J. Eaton, 48, of Burlington, is under arrest for the shooting of three Palestinian college students over the weekend. Because we never thought the shooter would be a white middle aged male with military training on Islamophobia plus how to use guns to kill and injure people.

One of those shot had a bullet lodged in his spine and his condition remains critical.

Did you know that around a third of all mass shooters in the U.S. were trained by the military? David Swanson lays out his research on this here. And for context adds:

In the United States, only a very small percentage of men under 60 are military veterans.

In the United States, at least 31% of male mass shooters under 60 (which is almost all mass shooters) are military veterans.

Technically this was not a mass shooting (less than four people shot) but very likely a hate crime i.e. the shooter was motivated by hatred of Palestinians or Arabs in general and was triggered by their attire and spoken language. 

Now where would Jason J. Eaton have learned to think like that?

As we in the U.S. know well, only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

However, these two U.S. citizens of Palestinian origin (plus a green card holder i.e. legal resident) don’t appear to have been armed with guns. Were they good guys? They were on their way to have dinner at Awartani’s grandmother’s house. Maybe she can shed some light on their character once she’s moved past the shock and trauma of her grandson and his friends being gunned down for existing.

Here’s the joint statement issued by their families. Do they sound like bad guys to you?

Three College Students Shot In Vermont Wearing Kuffiyeh And Speaking Arabic

It’s seemed like the U.S. government-aligned media is doing all it can to bring on civil war. I’m sure it’s seen as preferable to the uprising of the 99% that we so desperately need. 

But I didn’t expect that the issue we’d fall out about would be the empire’s evil doings in Palestine. More and more violent Zionism is emerging here in the U.S. both in word and in deed. One of the men shot for speaking Arabic and wearing a kuffiyeh has a bullet lodged in his spine, and the gunman is still at large.

With each passing day, though, the split between the generations is deepening over support for or resistance to Israel’s genocide in Gaza. 

It isn’t a red-blue split or even a (fake) left-right split. 

It’s not driven by race or by socio economic status either. 

Blogger Caitlin Johnstone says, Israel doesn’t have a Gen Z problem, they have a morality problem. And she theorizes that younger people have not scarred their consciences with so many compromises and looking away from things that make them morally queasy. Thus, they are better equipped to recognize genocide when they see it.

A common sign in Vermont reads: this brave little state says no to hate. Does it, though?

Burlington, Vermont is the stomping grounds of Senator Bernie Sanders, a big supporter of genocide as it turns out. He was once its mayor. He owns a fancy house on the shore of Lake Champlain. It’s noon the next day after the shooting and he has yet to 1) condemn this hate crime in his backyard or for that matter 2) condemn the genocide in Gaza.

Honestly, I personally couldn’t care less what Bernie says or doesn’t say. It’s been clear that he’s a faithful Democrat Party apparatchik for years now. But you wouldn’t believe how many people still see him as some kind of a moral leader.

I don’t want to see civil war in any country including my own. But it may turn out to be the most effective way of bringing the evil empire to its conclusion sooner rather than later.

For ways to support the shooting victims who are still in hospital maybe call the Burlington Police 802-658-2704 or the mayor 802-865-7272   mayor@burlingtonvt and/or the Vermont State Police 802-224-8727 to say: 

The whole world is watching while you fail to find the shooter targeting Arab young men.