Geography Quiz: Let Palestine Live!

Lluís Ràfols November 2012

Chris Hedges and other Western journalists are going to stand at the Rafah gate on the Egyptian side I learned yesterday from his heart-breaking Letter to the Children of Gaza. This is in response to Israel’s refusal to let in international witnesses to the carnage (10,000+ dead with 40% of those children) and Israel’s rapid killing of Palestinian journalists already on the ground. A video of tv journalist Salman Al Bashir ripping off his press vest and helmet saying, “This protection gear does not protect us!” has gone viral.

What’s a blogger to do in these genocidal times? Lift up other voices, spread the word, help jam congressional phone lines and offices demanding a ceasefire now, and educate myself about the balkanized geography of a fossil fuel resource region. So here, in the midst of the worst onslaught against Gaza ever, is another geography quiz.

Map A – This nation is what the United Nations laid out in 1948 after the Nakba by Zionist militias saw several hundred thousand indigenous people slaughtered. Note that it does not stretch from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea.

Map B – This nation was created by UN mandate in 1948 after British colonial rulers had promised both the indigenous Arabs and also the Zionist Jews in Europe the same territory. 

Map C – This nation is the home of Hezbollah which takes credit for defeating Israel and driving it out after a civil war during which Israel stood by while militias massacred Nakba refugees in the Sabra and Shatila camps.

Map D – This nation absorbed millions of refugees driven out by Zionists in 1948 and has refused to accept any more following the Al Aqsa Flood breakout from Gaza in October 2023.

Map E – This nation absorbed millions of refugees driven out by Zionists in 1948 and has refused to accept any more following the Al Aqsa Flood breakout from Gaza in October 2023. 

Map F – This nation is frequently bombed by Israel and the U.S., which maintains illegal military bases there in order to steal its oil.

Current blank maps sourced from Free Country Map 

Map G – This German map was made in 1869 when the Ottoman Empire considered itself entitled to rule the prime location where ancient Silk Road routes met the Mediterranean Sea. Falsely described by Zionists as “a land without a people.”

Map H – This region of historical Palestine is named for a body of water that it borders.

Answer Key
Map A
 – UN-mandated Palestine
Map B – UN-mandated Israel
Map C – Lebanon
Map D – Egypt
Map E – Jordan
Map F – Syria
Map G – Palestine
Map H – West Bank

Ground view in Gaza right now:

For an extended video tour of the damage shared on reddit:

Israeli propaganda trolls don’t want you to see these kind of footage, because they’re trying to hide from the world that Israel has been dropping over 6000 bombs in the first week alone.

That’s the equivalent of 2 nuclear bombs. Israel killed over 10,000 Palestinians so far, incl over 4000 children

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  1. Thank you for your very useful post, Lisa!
    Is it known how many bombs they have rained onto Gaza over the whole bombardment?
    Also, is 6,000 of them, or the total over the whole month equivalent of two nukes?
    All of what the state of Israel is doing is enraging. And bewildering to me.

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