Turning Point In Global Public Opinion On Israel’s Treatment Of Palestinians

“Von der Leyen visited the Kfar Aza kibbutz where Hamas militants murdered scores of civilians in an attack last week that killed more than 1,300 Israelis | Bea Bar Kallos/EC Audiovisual Service”  Source: Politico.EU

Irish member of the European Parliament Clare Daley has a particular loathing for the smiling while lying EU president Ursula von der Leyen. Previously I’ve seen statements where she addresses von der Leyen’s false claim to speak for the EU. Here she does a scathing takedown of threadbare Zionist propaganda that was shared when von der Leyen spoke in Israel a few days ago. “Making the desert bloom” — really? In 2023??

(Sorry, wordpress would not embed the Clare Daley speech video but if you click on this link you can see it on tiktok.)

Western media are busy on the disinformation front, changing the word “Palestine” to “Palestinian Territories” and putting those weasel words into the mouths of thousands (millions?) marching all over the globe demanding justice for Palestine.

Click the link to see more footage of protests around the U.S.

Meanwhile, European capitals responded to news of Israel’s plans to ethnically cleanse Gaza with massive protests in support of Palestine. Many of the protests were met with riot police, arrests, and official bans.

Thousands marching in Scotland  Source:https://media.bnn.network

In her own words, a teenager who survived Hamas’ attack on the Kibbutz Be’eri explains why she’s mad at PM Netanyahu and holds him — and those who support him — responsible for the suffering of her family and neighbors. She adds:

How can I wake up in the morning knowing that 4.5km away in Gaza there are people for whom [this] is not over. 

Anyone who talks of revenge should be ashamed.

And some analysts are sharing their view that Israel’s humiliation by Hamas is consistent with U.S./NATO’s defeat by Russia in Ukraine: signs that the days of Western hegemony are coming to an end.

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