Indigenous Palestinians Strike A Blow At Imperial Outpost Israel

Source:  See Ray McGovern’s post here for a brief synopsis of history that includes how Israel got away with murdering U.S. sailors.

Chickens are coming home to roost for the U.S. strategy of setting up allies in the oily regions i.e. create Israel, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. Support them overtly (possible in the case of Israel because post-Holocaust antisemitic card can be played against critics) or covertly (necessary in the case of Al Qaeda and ISIS because for gosh sakes they are terrorists, and antisemitic Muslim terrorists to boot).

Garland Nixon gave a great explainer where he says the U.S. empire has always been good at “dehumanizing an indigenous population so that you can make an excuse for appropriating their resources” (see: Native Americans). So the Palestinians are routinely described as animalistic, stupid, and senselessly violent in Israeli rhetoric. 

Nixon goes on to say, 

the U.S. support of Israel has nothing to do with religion. It really doesn’t have anything to do with Zionism..the Western creation of Israel in the late 1940s was about something pretty simple. It was about oil, the lifeblood of modern western economies.

There was actually a plan at one point after WW2 that said if the Russians should move into the Middle East and seize control of the oil field the U.S. would launch a nuclear attack on the oil fields saying “If we can’t have them, nobody can.”

Or as Joe Biden famously put it, “If there were not an Israel we’d have to invent one.” 

So here we are. The empire has been crumbling fast as it loses in Ukraine with Russia emerging stronger and NATO weaker from the proxy war it wanted. Countries are clamoring to join BRICS, the economic challenge to the U.S. dollar’s supremacy — as that currency has been hollowed out from within by “quantitative easing” i.e. just printing money. And the massive debt of the U.S. teeters while China slowly and carefully divests its considerable holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Oh, and brokers a rapprochement between Middle Eastern powers Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Time for Iran’s decisive strike at imperial outpost Israel via Hamas.

Was it triggered by Israel’s destruction of Al-Quds? By the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War? 

Or maybe it was just time for the colonized to rise up and throw off their chains? Happening on the African continent a lot these days as NATO weakens, and the pent up desire to do so is ever present for Palestinians.

And why on earth did Israel’s much vaunted “intelligence” system fail? This question is so compelling that many are speculating that Mossad must have known about the sneak attack that breached Iron Dome with incoming missile strikes and took hundreds of Israelis hostage. And allowed it to happen in order to — be able to destroy Gaza once and for all? Or gain sympathy for Israel? If so, that plan has already backfired. 

“Demonstrators in New York waved Palestinian flags during the peaceful march from Times Square to near both the Israeli consulate and the United Nations headquarters, where the Security Council was to convene over the weekend’s violence” Source: Iraqi News, Oct 8, 2023 

(A calendar telling where and when you can get into the streets to express your support for Palestinians may be found here.)

Scott Ritter thinks Mossad failed because it is overly reliant on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to sift through the enormous quantities of data it collects on Palestinians. And that Hamas figured out how to game the algorithms!

Wouldn’t that be a game changer? What is that saying derived from the alleged teachings of the most famous Palestinian, who was executed under Roman imperial rule: “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

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