Normalizing Nukes

In the video you see a simulation of how the pressure wave from a nuclear explosion affects people in a building. Photo: Storyblocks

New computer simulation shows: How to hit the blow from an atomic bomb


Those who are many kilometers from a nuclear explosion can manage indoors if they do right, a new study shows.
– Take cover far into the building and stay away from windows, researchers say.

What is this bullshit?

Swedish television is presenting nuclear war as if it were winnable, limited, and survivable. Just stay away from the windows exactly like they told me in the 1960’s when I was climbing under my desk at school. It was a big fat lie then, and it’s exponentially more of a big fat lie now.

This spin is built on the central lie that “since the start of the Ukraine war, Russia has rattled its nuclear weapons.” In fact, the opposite is true. The Biden administration moved from following Trump in not signing the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to actually signaling from both government and corporate media channels that “limited” use of “tactical” nuclear weapons was indeed on the table.

Even more alarming than the posturing words of politicians, U.S. nuclear weapons and their delivery systems have been moving steadily into place in Eurasia and the Pacific, including Australia. Then there is the increasingly pro-nuke bellicose rhetoric of key U.S./NATO collaborators like Sweden, South Korea, and Japan. That is ominous. 

Normalizing nukes is in no one’s best interest, including the uber wealthy that want to become the super uber wealthy by selling nuclear weapons. 

Because they will die and suffer, too, even though they think they won’t.

One thought on “Normalizing Nukes

  1. We move deeper into the Orwellian dystopia where the media feeds us the opposite of the truth. Nuclear war will not be survivable, and all countries have understood that an exchange of nuclear bombs will destroy humanity, which is what has prevented it until now.

    These neocons who are in power today are in the grip of megalomania, which is a mental disease. They threaten all of us with their greed and lust for power to control others. They control the mass media. And they attempt to construct an alternate reality to impose on others to suit their own whacko ends. That’s my take.

    However, I truly believe that the truth sets us free. So long as enough of us write the truth, their upside-down take on reality will be exposed as increasingly hollow. So long as both Democrats and Republicans vote together to increase military budgets, they are all culpable. We might as well call our Congress for what it is: criminal mass murderers for profit. And that includes our president.

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