Azov Neo-Nazi Symbol On Armor Worn By White Mass Murderer Of Black Elders In Buffalo

At least ten Black people were killed and several more were injured by an 18 year old white supremacist who traveled to Buffalo, New York to shoot up a grocery store in a predominately Black zip code. Many of the victims were elders known for supporting the needs of their communities.

The image above on the left is allegedly the home page of Buffalo shooter displaying “black sun” logo which can also be seen as background on a patch worn by uniformed Azov Batallion neo-Nazis in Ukraine today. You can see it here on a Ukranian magazine called “Black Sun” from 2015.

Source: Global Thinker on Twitter

It’s the same symbol used by the mosque shooter who shot up Muslim congregations killing 50+ in Christchurch, New Zealand three years ago, displayed on his manifesto and backpack (see left image below).

Source: Fake Believe on Twitter

Why would it matter what designs or logos mass shooters use when targeting Black or Muslim people? 

The “black sun” logo links directly to a powerful far-right militia being armed as part of the billions from U.S. taxpayers flowing to Ukraine.

Provision in the obscene military spending bills was not made for keeping money out of the hands of far-right militias that the Ukranian government is allied with and uses for military projection. An amendment with that provision was defeated in the U.S. Congress, a body which primarily represents weapons manufacturers at this point in history. 

As we gallop toward the risks of a nuclear WW3 by waging proxy war on Russia via Ukraine. many who get their information from mainstream, lockstep media ask: But how could President Zelensky, who is of Jewish ancestry, be allied with Nazis?

Maybe, like the rest of us, Zelensky just wants to live another day.

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