Open Letter To Rep. Chellie Pingree On Ukraine

My photo of members of Maine’s peace lobby meeting with Rep. Chellie Pingree in Portland during her first term of office.

I don’t live in her district in Maine but I get Rep. Chellie Pingree’s newsletter anyway and today it was truly appalling. She ran as an peace candidate with a background in organic family farming. How far she has drifted from serving the people to serving the wealthy during her 13 years in office! 

Here’s my response to her recent messaging in the form of an open letter that might reach her.

Dear Rep. Pingree,

I read your email message today with interest. By spreading the demonstrably false claim — “As Russia continues its unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine” — you appear to be either dangerously naive or a knowing promoter of lies about NATO and U.S. involvement in the region.

Where is your moral compass? Did you have one back in the day but years in Washington DC serving the Democratic Party and its corporate ownership eroded it?

If you actually believe Russia’s intervention in Ukraine’s civil war was unprovoked, and that roughly 14,000 casualties in the Donbas were mythical or perhaps not important, please find some better sources of information. 

Source: Covert Action Magazine

For starters, you might want to read this expose, U.S. Lied About Funding “Dangerous Pathogen” Research in Secret Ukrainian Biolabs, Newly Leaked Documents Reveal, by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva published March 22.

Or maybe you already know about this from your congressional briefings? 

Russia is the enemy du jour and mostly a pathway to rendering China without a major ally as the world moves away from U.S. domination of its trade and finance. 

Was blocking the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany worth risking a nuclear world war? I suspect your children or grandchildren might have a different opinion. There is no amount of wealth that would compensate them for a WW3 with nukes.

How about supporting diplomacy instead fanning the flames of conflict? 

Or is conflict what your military-industrial campaign donors require? 

Source: Donors to Rep. Pingree’s campaign coffers by industry

As the U.S. produces little other than weapons nowadays, endless war is a marketing scheme.

Lisa Savage 


2 thoughts on “Open Letter To Rep. Chellie Pingree On Ukraine

  1. Today, I heard that Biden accused Russia of war crimes. What a farce! Don’t people realize that war is of itself a war crime. All armies are criminal enterprises. Now I am not saying that every soldier is a war criminal (though I’m sure, many are). Most soldiers are just pawns of the military-industrial complex. People are constantly bombarded with propaganda that says we and our freedoms are being protected by the military. Tens of thousands (both Ukrainian and Russian) are being killed by at least two militaries. The only people who really like war are those making billions on war and a few nut-cases.

  2. As an anti-war activist since the sixties, I recognize the difference between a war of aggression and a nation’s resistance to it–such was the case with Vietnam. Such were the guerrilla formations in Latin America against the imposed neo-feudal regime change efforts sponsored by the CIA et. al, with the blessing of successive US presidents who wanted to avoid the fate of JFK who was resisting the direction pushed by Allen Dulles and other gangsters.
    As Lisa points out, Russia is acting to END the war of attrition against the Russian speaking people in eastern Ukraine since 2014, costing over 14,000 lives and much disruption. It is as if KKK types launched military assaults on entire black majority communities in the US Deep South, and then were given impunity by Washington. Russia made it very clear that to AVOID this scenario that is such a humanitarian disaster, all that had to be done was acknowledge certain realities.

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