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Hating On __________ Is What Gives Life Meaning

I suspect that our own oligarchs put 45 in office to pave the way for this war. 

Hating on 45 is what gave life meaning for many. 

Meanwhile, the false narrative that Putin put him in office took hold and dominated the airwaves for years. Once 45 was gone there was a giant hole in the liberal psyche and guess what conveniently came along to fill it?

Narrative managers were counting on ignorance of the 2014 Maidan coup and the civil war that ensued. Counting on the ignorance of those whom Chomsky has called the most propagandized people in history is usually a safe bet.

And in case it’s not safe enough, even more ignorance is served up in the daily deluge of sophisticated advertising,

information management,

 and censorship.

I discussed this and more yesterday with Regis Tremblay on his YouTube channel that now has 8,300 subscribers. Catch it now before it, too, falls to the censor’s axe.

Link in case embedded video does not work for you:

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