What The Corporate Press Fails To Tell Us About Ukraine

Protesters in Kiev at the U.S. embassy (Source: Bruce Gagnon)

Reposting my friend Bruce Gagnon’s excellent update which contains some images and information that you will not see in the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, and the rest of the corporate press. These media outlets lied us into war in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. Hot on the heels of four years of fabricating the Russiagate story, would they lie us into war with Russia? You bet they would.

Source: Bruce Gagnon

February 5 protests across the U.S. a success

Photo credit: Bob Klotz

Here is a brief update on the latest information:

o Increasingly more and more people and peace groups in the U.S. are speaking out to try to stop Washington from pushing Ukraine-Russia (and maybe all of us) into WW III. On February 5 protests like the one just above (in Mid-coast Maine) were held in more than 75 communities across the nation.

o The photo above reveals (never reported in the corporate media) that 150,000 Ukrainian troops (trained, armed and directed by US-UK-NATO) are at the ‘line of contact’ near the Russian-ethnic region (inside Ukraine) called the Donbass (red on the map). Ukraine is repeatedly shelling the Donbass region trying to draw Russia into a full-blown war.

o The photos below are Ukrainian protests in front of the US Embassy in the capital city of Kiev. They reveal that there are many inside Ukraine that do not see the US-UK-NATO military operations since the 2014 U.S. orchestrated coup d’état as a positive.

o Ukraine’s President Zelensky has just blocked and banned the 6th anti-Zelensky TV channel in the last 12 months. So much for democracy from the Nazi-backed regime in Kiev.

o Inside Russia there are growing fears that the US-UK-NATO will implement a tried-and-true ‘false flag’ event that could then be blamed on Moscow. Don’t forget that the US has used false flags in the past (like the Gulf of Tonkin to ramp up Vietnam war).

o Russia continues to say that it has no intention of invading Ukraine. But if Donbass or Crimea are hit by the Ukrainian army then there would likely be a response.

o In recent days the U.S. forced the Slovakian government to allow the Pentagon to set up a base inside that country despite major protests. So clearly the U.S. is using this current Ukraine situation to expand its military operations inside Eastern Europe – the exact opposite of what Russia has demanded. It’s a spit in Russia’s face.

o An international call has gone out for peace activists to use the slogan ‘Disband NATO’ as much as possible. Washington (and allies) promised then President Gorbachev, at the time of the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, that the alliance would not expand ‘one inch’ toward Russia. Clinton broke the promise with his ‘NATO Enhancement’ and today NATO in on the Russian borders. How is Moscow to react?

Protests outside the U.S. embassy in Kiev

Source: Bruce Gagnon

The banners in Kiev speak for themselves.

Ukranian activists demand the U.S. return home

You’d never know that there we anti-American protests at the U.S. embassy in Kiev by listening to western corporate-run media. All we get is the opposite. We daily hear that Ukraine is united and ready to defend themselves against the Russian bear.

At the same time we hear that NATO is united – rarely a word about Croatia, Hungary, France, Germany and other NATO members urging peace and rejecting getting involved in any war.

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