Top 10 Reasons The U.S. Should NOT Go To War In Ukraine

10. The U.S. does a piss poor job of caring for military veterans once they are injured, either physically, psychologically, or morally. 

 9. Ukraine is ruled by literal Nazis installed in a 2014 coup promoted by Joe Biden. They oppress Jewish people in Ukraine and bomb areas with majority Russian-speaking population.

  8. The only winners of U.S. wars are corporations who build weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. hasn’t “won” a war since 1947. 

7. Wars are expensive for taxpayers and the U.S. still does not have universal health care despite a pandemic that has killed 800,000+ people.

 6. The same corporate press outlets that promoted lies leading to war on Iraq, Libya, and Syria are promoting the lie that Russia is about to invade Ukraine. 

 5. Russia has nuclear weapons which it has never used offensively but presumably would be willing to use defensively. A nuclear exchange is game over for humanity because modern weapons make the bombs the U.S. used on Japan look puny by comparison. 

 4. Millions of people, including children and veterans, are unhoused and camping on the streets of the U.S. during the coldest month of winter. 

 3. Millions of children in the U.S. live in chronic poverty that includes hunger and this permanently affects their health and future happiness. 

 2. Thousands of young people have already had their health and future prospects ruined by enlisting in U.S. wars for empire, and we don’t need to create more victims.

 1. Wars and the preparation for them drive climate chaos which is the biggest security threat facing humans collectively.

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