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Haters Gonna Hate Haitians

© Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images United States Border Patrol agents on horseback try to stop Haitian migrants from entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande near the Acuna Del Rio International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas on September 19, 2021.

Many people leave social media platforms like Facebook because they become sickened by displays of hatred toward marginalized groups.

The astounding ignorance of history that underlies comments about refugees massing at the Mexican border in Texas underlies current hate speech in response to videos of Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping Black migrants. I’m not going to repeat any of their nastiness but I am going to respond to a Maine news outlet’s post of the whipping story that generated a long string of comments from haters.

The super wealthy who own media outlets have taught white people to hate immigrants and fear that their presence contributes to the steady decline of wealth for working class people and the truly poor. 

Conservative haters are fond of the word patriotism and they express love for national borders with cruel practices in place to keep non-white people out of the U.S.

How much do they or you or I really know about Haiti and the people emigrating from there in the 21st century? What, if anything, does the U.S. owe them?

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of significant events in Haiti’s history:

If you read this far hoping that U.S. President Joe Biden, a Democrat, would come off better than his immigrant-hating predecessor — the reality is far more disappointing.

My photo — Federal building, Bangor, Maine, July 3, 2019

Because guess what? There are still children being kept in cages for crossing the border, too. And it’s still a national disgrace.

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