War Capitalism Is Driving Climate Crisis And Unless We Stop It, Humans May Be On The Way Out As A Species

War capitalism is driving climate crisis. Until we stop it, climate will continue to deteriorate for humans. 
Subway station in Harlem flooded this week in torrential rain from Tropical Storm Elsa (images from video shared by Twitter user @PaulleeWR.)

While sports fans and their kids watch pro-military displays during U.S. professional sporting events, the reality of war capitalism that is driving climate crisis threatens their existence.

Patriotism won’t save us from global warming’s effects.

But, go Yankees!

On the other coast, thousands of miles from NYC, a new heat wave is shaping up where an estimated one billion sea creatures like mussels cooked to death in the unprecedented heat wave just a few days ago. 

Source: CBS News, July 9, 2021

According to marine biologist Chris Harley as reported in Yahoo! News

“A mussel on the shore in some ways is like a toddler left in a car on a hot day,” Harley told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “They are stuck there until the parent comes back or, in this case, the tide comes back in.

We’re all the toddler in the car now. 

Protect your children: tell them the truth about military climate crimes

Stop glorifying the war machine for fear of being seen as unpatriotic. You’re going to have to risk it in order for humans to survive as a species. 

Here’s an idea — how about we put the indigenous people back in charge of decisions about how to live on this planet? They were doing well until militarized capitalism came along. 

(Ok, I know militarized capitalism is redundant. Thanks for reading!)

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