It’s Not The Burning Of The Reichstag — That Happened 20 Years Ago #9/11NeverForget

Oka y, a few more than 13 have been arrested since I made this meme on Thursday.But the number is still < 100. It is generally agreed that if the U.S. Capitol mob had been Black, the police would have arrested thousands.

The aftermath of an armed mob breaching the “security” of the U.S. Capitol building will be long and likely not very good for civil liberties, pandemic containment, or racial justice.

But I do wish people would stop comparing the event to the Reichstag (i.e. German capitol) arson that the Nazis used to kick up their takeover of Germany. The framing of a developmentally disabled worker with a Communist Party card in his pocket was the pretext for heightened surveillance and press censorship just before a key election. Military aggression and concentration camps for “others” followed.

Our Reichstag parallel event already occured — on Sep. 11, 2001 — with the bombing of the twin towers in New York City. The “Patriot” Act shredding our constitutional rights was pushed through immediately. Press censorship grew via control of online search engines and consolidation of independent outlets by corporate behemoths.

Office of Inspector General/Department of Homeland Security via Getty Images

Military aggression and concentration camps for “others” followed.

Some of the lies and misinformation swirling around the storming of the U.S. Capitol include right wing media claiming that antifa were masquerading as Trump supporters. This will help them spin the fact that a police officer is one of the five who died as the result of the mob violence. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was injured and died later that day.

Three other people died of heart attacks and the like, but it is military veteran and Kew Anon believer Ashli Babbit who died first, bleeding out quickly after being shot by police when she tried to crawl through a window the mob had broken. 

Babbit had traveled all the way from San Diego, California to gather with hundreds of other unmasked white supremacists during a pandemic. Ironic, eh? As will be the wave of covid-19 infections from this super spreader event. 

Ironic, because their dear leader is generally understood to have lost the election due to his gross negligence and mismanagement of our public health crisis.

Here’s the (white) spouse of sexual assault perpetrator Clarence Thomas fanning the flames:

Democrats posing as the heroes of the current crisis are throwing around impeachment because it doesn’t look like the Vice President will invoke the 25th Amendment to have Trump declared unfit. It would take cabinet members participating to do that, and nearly all of them have resigned this week. (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is the latest, and I can hear teachers all over the country rejoicing.)

Left commentators are cynically noting that Congress went into recess after working through the night to finish election certification interrupted by the mob. Dem members of Congress are tweeting about impeachment with less than two weeks remaining of the current administration, but have yet to take up the matter of universal health care which the vast majority of people in the U.S. need desperately. Priorities, priorities. In a crisis like this, who can think about something as mundane as health care? Not elected officials who already have it, that’s who.

Dems are also cheering the banning of the commander in chief from Twitter and Facebook for spreading lies about the election outcome that led directly to lethal violence. Thoughtful commentators expect this to form the pretext for more silencing of dissent. 

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To sum up: the president who was elected due to millions in free media coverage from liberal publications who selected him as the best candidate for Hillary Clinton to beat incited a crowd who destroyed press equipment and defaced the interior of the capitol building with the message:

Remember: in the case of really sophisticated propaganda, even the reverse isn’t true. 

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